The Obbink Builders Team

Making your dream home a reality is a joint effort of a variety of people.

Owner, April Freeman, is essential in meeting all of our clients, gathering all exterior components before we move forward, and keeping communication flowing with all parties involved. She is honest and knowledgeable and loves helping clients make their dreams come true.

Owner, Josh Freeman, is hands-on, acting as the job foreman for every site and visiting them all individually, every day or two to three times a week. He is invested in each home he builds and makes sure that everything is getting done according to plan. With 28 years of experience, he is very knowledgeable and detail-oriented.

Accountant, Ronna, is a necessary part of the Obbink team. She has worked for Obbink Builders since 2014 helping clients through all components of their builds. She handles all of the accounts payable and receivable for the Obbink company.

Then there are Obbink Builders loyal subcontractors that do the installation, building, electrical, heating, plumbing, and other components that make the property your unique home.

Together we work to bring you the home you dream of, whether it be temporary or permanent.

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