Homes come in all different forms, but Obbink Builders believes we are identifying a purpose.

With the homes we build, we want to make dreams come true, whether it be a starter home for the growing family to a retirement home. We gather all the elements to bring your bigger picture into view for the growing family or that retirement home.

Our Process

Milestone 1: Financial Planning

Obbink Builders will lay out all financial components from property costs(if you do not already have property), infrastructure costs, building costs, and other important finance components. You then get to decide if you are financing and, if you are, we will give you the names of our top banks that work with us to help you figure out your spending aptitude and layout a plan that is comfortable for you! We will help you find the right financing.

Milestone 2: Pre-Construction

After you have mapped out a realistic financial plan for you, we begin the initial building process. We can help you find property if you do not already have land as we work with local realtors to find what fits your criteria in your budget. Obbink then will collaborate with you on details and style to begin the architecture and design component. We then use an architect that we feel best understands and fits your style needs.

Milestone 3: Construction Starts

Once home design plans and finances are finalized, we begin the building process with tasks such as: pouring your foundation, framing the house, installing doors and windows. All the HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical will be roughed in. We then apply your selected exterior building materials and begin to select and review your custom interior finishes.

Milestone 4: Interior Construction

Drywall and texture are installed first. Once this is complete, we will begin the installation of cabinets, countertops, flooring, tiles, trim, and any other interior components.

Milestone 5: Finish Out

The last piece we do when finishing your dream home is the installation of multiple items: your selected appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures, door and cabinet hardware. We then go on to finalize the painting and staining of cabinets and walls, floors, and many other moving components. Once every detail is complete to your and our satisfaction, we help you move into your new custom home!

Residential Checks

During the building process, you become family to us. We care about you and your home, which is why when it is all said and done, we offer Residential Checks. Whether this be a vacation home and you are gone often or you take a vacation, we will visit to help ensure the home we built together is in good condition while you are away. Ask us about our after-build services.

What types of checks do we do?

  • Weekly checks
  • Monthly checks
  • Lighting checks
  • Storm/Weather checks

Other custom home builders may do the project and leave; Obbink Builders will always be around to look after you and your home.

Lakeshore Homes

These homes are typically over 2,500 square feet and may require the demolition of an existing home. However, with tearing down an existing house comes a lot of internal variables such as applying for the correct permits and external factors such as soil erosion around the house. The home building is the same, but the process has ‌more involved.

Obbink Builders provides you comfort with that we know this process and how to maneuver it. We have these permits and we know how to use them which allows for less wasted time in building your home.

Starter Homes

You are ready for your first home, whether it be 1,000 square feet or 2,000 square feet, and we are excited to help you with this journey. We help you find the products you like that are affordable to you. From beginning to end, we manage the process so you can collaborate with us on the details, using our expert advice when needed, and the rest is handled by our team. We provide a level of quality and comfortability that is unmatched in our industry when building your home. This home may not be your last, but Obbink Builders is always on your side!

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