Funds can be intimidating when you look at homebuilding, remodeling, or additions of any kind.

There are many things running through your head from the style to choose from, location, size, colors, and the list continues. With all these considerations going through your head, finding your dream home, in your ideal location, within your budget can seem impossible. Not to mention, people may worry about the construction loans (a short-term loan that covers only the cost of home building) and the mortgage they would apply for to pay on the completed house.

Maybe it’s the idea of having to pay a loan for remodels or additions while paying for school, bills, debt, kids, or anything else. That’s why we work with a select amount of user-friendly banks that produce creative solutions to help you find the best payment plans for your home.

The banks we choose to work with look at all aspects of your current life state and assess what your aptitude for spending is. With extensive construction knowledge, these banks will help to layout project qualifications and every component the bank will finance, such as land, blueprints, infrastructure costs, and other moving variables. From there they will help create a plan of what you can comfortably afford to pay overall and each month.

All finances are laid out in advance so there is no sticker shock moving forward with design and building. We pride ourselves on being honest in all situations, and we wish to not meet but exceed your expectations.

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