Rod earned a reputation for excellence early in his career as a custom home builder through referrals and repeat business. “When I started building custom homes, I was doing mostly starter homes,” Rod said. “I have kept many of those people as clients and have built two or three other homes for them as their families grew and changed. Obbink Builders has grown and changed with my clients.”

Always open to change, Rod continually researches and tests new products, tools and techniques to learn if there is a better way to do the job. “I am very interested in anything new and innovative,” he said. “There are a lot of great little tools out there, and our trucks are full of them. If I am convinced that something will help us do the job better and quicker, I’ll buy it. The homes we build are likely the biggest investment our clients will ever make, and I want them to be good investments.”


Rod had seen specialty subcontractor building succeed in California in the 1970′s and returned to West Michigan. Using the latest equipment and focusing on trim carpentry, he was able to work accurately, quickly and keep costs down. He set out to prove this builders, customers and the trade. The idea took a while to catch on but using subcontractors with a specialized trade is here to stay in West Michigan.


By 1978 Rod was using specialized subcontractors to build his custom homes. His business expanded and he earned a reputation for excellence. “It’s not uncommon for us to have worked with a customer or his family three or four times before.”



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